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Taylor Swift evermore [CD]

Taylor Swift evermore [CD]

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Product Overview:

Venture into the atmospheric realm of "evermore", the ninth studio offering from the versatile Taylor Swift. Diving deeper into the alternative and indie styles introduced in "folklore", "evermore" continues the melodic narrative, serving as a harmonious complement, or as Swift describes, a "sister record" to its predecessor. Released in quick succession to "folklore", this album further showcases Swift's prolific songwriting prowess.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Continuation: "evermore" builds on the same moody, introspective sound of "folklore", making the two feel like chapters of the same novel.
  2. Extended Collaboration: The result of Swift's continued collaboration with Aaron Dessner, the album carries the same indie-folk aesthetic, filled with poetic lyrics and soft melodies.
  3. Surprise Release: Following in the footsteps of "folklore", "evermore" was another surprise album, announced mere hours before its official release.

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