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Tea Towel and Pot Holder

Tea Towel and Pot Holder

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Tea Towel Pot Holder

Delight in the beauty of the Irish countryside right from your kitchen with our matching tea towel and pot holder set. This duo, featuring breathtaking scenes from the renowned Irish landscape, is available for shipping on and in-store at Zhivago Gifts in Galway.

Bring a touch of Ireland's natural charm into your home. Whether you're drying dishes or handling hot pots, you can imagine yourself amidst the serene greenery of the Irish countryside.

Crafted with quality and care, these kitchen essentials make a thoughtful gift for anyone who cherishes Ireland and its picturesque vistas. Not only that, but they also add a splash of character to your kitchen decor.

Head over to or visit our Galway store to bring a piece of the Irish countryside into your home.

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