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&TEAM First Howling : NOW

&TEAM First Howling : NOW

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&TEAM - First Howling: NOW

"&TEAM - First Howling: NOW" marks the debut of the new and exciting group &TEAM, with their first full-length album released on November 15, 2023. This album features a rich collection of tracks, including "War Cry" as the title track and "Dropkick" which was also promoted on various music shows.

Album Components:

  • 1 CD: Contains all the tracks of the "First Howling: NOW" album.
  • Photo Book: A 56-page book filled with visually captivating photos of the group members.
  • Lyric Book: A 40-page book providing the lyrics of the songs, allowing fans to delve deeper into the meanings and themes of &TEAM's music.
  • 9 Postcard Set: A set of postcards featuring the members, adding a personal and collectible touch.
  • Folded Poster: An artistic poster that fans can display.
  • Photo Card B: Includes one random photo card out of nine possible types, offering a collectible and personal element for fans.

Album Highlights:

  • Title Track: "War Cry" serves as the album's main highlight, setting the tone for &TEAM's musical style and artistic direction.
  • Additional Promoted Track: "Dropkick" also gains special attention, being promoted alongside "War Cry" on various music shows.
  • Notable Producers: The album boasts an impressive lineup of producers:
    • Slow Rabbit: Contributed to tracks 1, 9, 10, and 12, bringing a unique sound to the album.
    • Grand Boutin: Worked on track 2, adding another layer of musical diversity.
    • Ryan Tedder: Also contributed to track 2, known for his impactful production style.
    • David Stewart: Involved in track 2, known for his creative musical approach.

As &TEAM's first foray into the music scene, "First Howling: NOW" is not just a showcase of their talent but also a glimpse into their potential and the diverse musical influences they bring to their work. The album is expected to resonate with fans, offering a mix of dynamic beats, compelling lyrics, and engaging melodies, all packaged in a visually appealing set of collectibles.

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