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The Saw Doctors To Win Just Once Best Of [CD]

The Saw Doctors To Win Just Once Best Of [CD]

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Product Overview:

Immerse yourself in the timeless rhythms and soulful melodies of Ireland's beloved band, The Saw Doctors. This collection, released in 2009, encapsulates the band's journey, from their first chart-topping hits in 1990 to their incredible resurgence with a unique take on "About You Now."

Key Features:

  1. Legendary Journey: Experience the essence of The Saw Doctors as this collection traces their evolution over two decades, showcasing their indomitable spirit.
  2. Chart Toppers: Relive the sensation of hits like "I Useta Lover," which stands out as the best-selling Irish single of all time, and the band's philanthropic rendition of "About You Now."
  3. Diverse Collection: With a total of 22 tracks, this album brings together the best of The Saw Doctors, from their early iconic songs to the modern classics.
  4. Rich Legacy: Celebrate the legacy of a band that has become a staple in Irish culture and music, cherished by generations.

Track Highlights:

  • About You Now: A delightful twist on the Sugababes' hit, which saw The Saw Doctors return to chart-topping success, all for a noble cause.
  • N17: Relive the nostalgia of Irish landscapes and youthful adventures with this beloved track.
  • Last Summer in New York: Dive into a tale of love, longing, and the unforgettable moments of a summer gone by.
  • To Win Just Once: An anthem of hope, perseverance, and the joys of small victories.
  • I Useta Lover: The song that cemented The Saw Doctors' place in Irish music history.


  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Universal
  • Genre: Folk/Rock
  • Number of Tracks: 22
  • Country of Origin: Ireland

Editorial Reviews:

"The Saw Doctors have always had the uncanny ability to resonate with the soul of Ireland. Their tracks are more than just songs; they're narratives of the Irish experience, filled with humor, love, and the indomitable Irish spirit." - Irish Melodies Magazine

"From heartfelt ballads to foot-tapping rockers, 'To Win Just Once Best Of' is a testament to The Saw Doctors' lasting impact on the music scene. It's a must-have for both longtime fans and newcomers alike." - Global Folk Review

About the Band:

The Saw Doctors, formed in Tuam, County Galway, have been the heartbeats of Irish folk/rock for over two decades. Their distinct blend of storytelling and melody has endeared them to fans both at home and abroad. Their journey from humble beginnings to national heroes in Ireland is nothing short of inspirational.


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