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The Tumbling Paddies The Journey So Far

The Tumbling Paddies The Journey So Far

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The Tumbling Paddies - The Journey So Far: A Live Musical Odyssey

Join The Tumbling Paddies on an extraordinary musical journey with their live release, "The Journey So Far." Building on the success of their debut album, this captivating live recording encapsulates the essence of The Tumbling Paddies' unique sound and the energy of their live performances.

A Blend of Originals and Classics

"The Journey So Far" features a delightful blend of original compositions, including the hit single 'The Way I Am,' and beloved Irish folk songs that have stood the test of time. It's a musical fusion that embodies the heart and soul of The Tumbling Paddies' distinctive style.

Tracklist - Disc 1: Side 1

  1. Night On The Town: Kickstart your musical journey with this lively track that sets the tone for an unforgettable experience.

  2. The Gambler: Get ready to be swept away by this timeless classic that resonates with fans young and old.

  3. Galway Girl: Let the spirited melodies of this song transport you to the vibrant streets of Galway.

  4. Fisherman's Blues: Dive into the deep, emotional waters of Irish folk music with this heartfelt rendition.

  5. Travelling Soldier: Join the Tumbling Paddies on a journey filled with poignant storytelling and musical artistry.

  6. Grace: Experience the power of storytelling through song with 'Grace,' a track that tugs at the heartstrings.

  7. Dirty Old Town: Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of this folk gem that's bound to get your feet tapping.

  8. Pretty Girl: Delight in the whimsical melodies and lyrical beauty of 'Pretty Girl,' a true crowd-pleaser.

  9. The Auld Triangle: Pay homage to Irish tradition with this classic tune that captures the essence of the Emerald Isle.

  10. Take It Easy: Let the music wash over you as you take it easy and soak in the soul-soothing sounds.

  11. Rockin' All Over The World: Get ready to rock as The Tumbling Paddies infuse their magic into this global anthem.

  12. Valerie: Revel in the soulful vibes and infectious rhythms of 'Valerie' in true Tumbling Paddies style.

  13. Whiskey In The Jar: Raise a glass to the Irish spirit with this beloved folk song that's become a worldwide sensation.

  14. The Irish Rover: Embark on a musical voyage with 'The Irish Rover,' a song that captures the essence of seafaring tales.

  15. The Fields Of Athenry: Join the chorus of voices as you sing along to this enduring Irish ballad.

  16. The Way I Am: Conclude your musical journey with 'The Way I Am,' the hit single that's become synonymous with The Tumbling Paddies' signature sound.

"The Journey So Far" is more than just an album; it's a live experience that encapsulates the essence of The Tumbling Paddies' musical prowess and the timeless allure of Irish folk music. Whether you're a dedicated fan or new to their music, this live recording promises an unforgettable voyage through melody and song.

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