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Toilet Warning Sign

Toilet Warning Sign

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Toilet Warning Sign: The Bathroom Humour Essential

Elevate Your Bathroom Etiquette with a Dash of Humour

Double the Fun with Double-Sided Warnings
Add a touch of light-hearted comedy to the loo with this small, yellow plastic sign. With a cautionary "Give It 5 Minutes" on one side and a bold "Warning" on the other, it's the perfect way to signal a recent bathroom use with a smile.

A Practical Joke that Serves a Purpose

  • Vibrant Yellow for Visibility: You can't miss it, ensuring the next person is amply warned.
  • Durable Plastic Build: Crafted to withstand the most hazardous of bathroom environments.
  • Portable and Handy: Small enough to be placed discreetly when not in use, or to travel with for laughs on the go.

A Secret Santa Gift that's Sure to Get Giggles

It's the ideal Secret Santa present or addition to any 'Gifts Under €10' collection. Not only is it a funny gag gift, but it also serves a practical purpose, making it a great addition to any bathroom.

Bring the Chuckles to the Throne Room

Whether you're looking to spruce up your own bathroom or seeking the perfect gag gift for a friend, this Toilet Warning Sign is guaranteed to be a hit. Ready to bring some giggles to your bathroom? Check it out at and secure the best Secret Santa title this year.

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