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Twerk Pong

Twerk Pong

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Twerk Pong

Get ready to twerk and have a blast with Twerk Pong – the ultimate test of your twerking skills! This super fun game will have everyone laughing and dancing as they compete to be the twerk pong champion.

The game comes with everything you need to get started: 10 ping pong balls, 2 ribbons, and 2 flat-packed boxes. The challenge is simple – dance your way to victory by filling your box with balls and emptying it out as fast as you can.

The perfect game for parties, gatherings, or just a fun time with friends. It's a great way to break the ice and get everyone moving. Plus, with its compact size and easy setup, you can take the twerking fun wherever you go!

Looking for an ideal Secret Santa gift that's under €10? This is the answer! It's a hilarious and entertaining present that will surely bring smiles and laughter to the lucky recipient.

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