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Twice Photocards - Pack of 30

Twice Photocards - Pack of 30

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Twice Lomo Cards

Indulge in the captivating charm of TWICE, one of K-pop’s most beloved groups, with this exquisite set of Lomo cards. Each pack is a celebration of TWICE’s vibrant energy, stunning visuals, and unforgettable presence.

🌟 Features:

  • Ultra-Clear Pattern on the Front: Each Lomo card boasts a crystal-clear and vivid image of the TWICE members, capturing their unique personalities and styles.

  • TWICE Pattern on the Back: The back of each card features a distinct TWICE pattern, adding an extra layer of fandom spirit to your collection.

  • 30 Cards per Pack: With 30 cards in each pack, you get a generous assortment of images, ensuring a diverse and delightful set.

  • Cardboard Material: The cards are made of sturdy cardboard, ensuring durability and a premium feel in your hands.

  • Featuring All TWICE Members: The pack includes cards of all the TWICE members, celebrating each of them in all their glory.

    1. Nayeon: Known for her bright smile and energetic personality.
    2. Jeongyeon: Charms with her cool demeanor and powerful vocals.
    3. Momo: Captivates with her incredible dance skills and charming character.
    4. Sana: Beloved for her cute personality and sweet voice.
    5. Jihyo: TWICE's powerful leader and main vocalist.
    6. Mina: Enchants with her graceful dance moves and gentle aura.
    7. Dahyun: Stands out with her fun raps and vibrant personality.
    8. Chaeyoung: Impresses with her artistic skills and unique voice.
    9. Tzuyu: The group’s maknae, known for her stunning visuals and tall stature.

Conclusion: Whether you’re a longtime ONCE or just discovering the world of TWICE, these Lomo cards are a perfect way to celebrate your love for the group. With high-quality prints, a sturdy build, and featuring all nine members, this set is a must-have for any TWICE fan. Collect them, trade them, or simply admire them—these Lomo cards are a delightful addition to any K-pop collection

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