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Twice The Year of Yes

Twice The Year of Yes

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Twice The Year of Yes

Embrace the global K-Pop phenomenon by adding Twice's "The Year of Yes" to your music collection. This album, available with a random cover, is now ready to be claimed at Ireland's leading K-Pop store, Alternatively, you can also grab your copy in person at Zhivago Gifts, our physical store in Galway.

"The Year of Yes" by Twice is not just an album, it's a K-Pop masterpiece filled with diverse musical styles, and it comes with a photobook, a special photo card, and an exclusive sticker. This special album, featuring one of South Korea's top girl groups, embodies their versatility and charm.

Whether you're a long-standing Twice fan or a newcomer to the K-Pop scene, this album is a must-have. Enhance your music experience and dive into the vibrant world of K-Pop with Twice's "The Year of Yes". Available now at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts in Galway - Ireland's prime destination for all things K-Pop!

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