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Twice Twicecoaster Lane 1

Twice Twicecoaster Lane 1

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Twice Twicecoaster Lane 1

Twicecoaster Lane 1, the captivating album by Twice, offers an array of exciting components that will immerse you in their enchanting world.

Discover the magic with an 88-page Photo Book that showcases the members in their most stunning moments. You'll also find a vibrant Sticker and two cherished Photos that will add charm to your collection.

The heart of the album lies in the CD-R, and you'll receive a random one out of the nine captivating designs available. Each CD-R holds the essence of Twice's music, ready to take you on a melodious journey.

Moreover, a Selfie Photo Card awaits you, capturing the members' radiant smiles. With nine unique designs, you'll receive a random card that's a true treasure.

Get your copy from, Ireland's top K-Pop store, or visit our in-store location at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

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