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TXT Dream Chapter Star

TXT Dream Chapter Star

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TXT's "Dream Chapter: Star" - A Stunning K-Pop Package

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is known for their mesmerizing music and visually captivating albums. "Dream Chapter: Star" is no exception, and this CD package offers an immersive experience for fans. Here's what you can expect from this edition:

Included Items:

  1. CD: The heart of the package, the CD contains the tracks that make up the "Dream Chapter: Star" album. Enjoy the music in its physical form.

  2. Photobook: Immerse yourself in the visual world of TXT with the included photobook. It's filled with high-quality images of the group that fans will adore.

  3. Photocards (Ver.1 and Ver.2): Get not one but two photocards featuring different images of the TXT members. These cards are collectibles that fans often treasure.

  4. Transparent Photocard: A unique addition to the package, the transparent photocard is a visually striking collectible that stands out.

  5. Sticker Pack: Customize your belongings with a sticker pack featuring TXT-themed designs. Whether you want to decorate your phone, laptop, or other items, these stickers add a personal touch.

"Dream Chapter: Star" is a part of TXT's discography that showcases their talent and creativity. This package not only lets you enjoy the music but also provides you with exclusive items to enhance your connection with the group.

For fans of TXT and K-Pop enthusiasts in general, this edition is a must-have, combining music and collectibles into one exciting package.

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