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TXT Minisode 1 Blue Hour

TXT Minisode 1 Blue Hour

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TXT Minisode 1 Blue Hour: Dive into the Mesmerizing World of K-Pop!

TXT, the K-Pop sensation that has taken the world by storm, presents their riveting album, "Minisode 1 Blue Hour". An evocative journey into the vibrant and dynamic realms of K-Pop, this album is a testament to TXT's unparalleled artistry and the passionate fervour they ignite in fans worldwide. Get your slice of K-Pop magic at, or for an in-person K-Pop spree, head over to Zhivago Gifts, Galway - your ultimate destination for all things K-Pop in Ireland!

🎶 Unbox the Magic of TXT's Minisode 1 Blue Hour: 🎶

  1. CD: Embark on a musical odyssey with TXT, traversing through the captivating beats, melodies, and harmonies that have enthralled fans across the globe.

  2. 128-Page Photobook: A visual treat, this expansive photobook offers a deep dive into the charismatic world of TXT, capturing moments that resonate with emotion, energy, and elegance.

  3. 2 Paper Stickers: Adorn your spaces with these exclusive stickers, echoing the unique aesthetics and themes of the "Minisode 1 Blue Hour" album.

  4. Lyric Paper: Revel in the poetic depth of TXT's songs, with every lyric bearing the essence of their musical journey and storytelling prowess.

  5. 43-Page Behind Book: Get an exclusive peek into the making of this phenomenal album, showcasing the raw and candid moments that went into its creation.

  6. Random Photocard (1 out of 5): Unearth a surprise with every album, with a chance to get one of the five unique photocards, each echoing the individuality and charm of TXT members.

  7. Random Postcard (1 out of 5): Another delightful surprise awaits you in the form of a postcard, with five potential designs that exude the visual storytelling of TXT.

With "Minisode 1 Blue Hour", TXT invites you into their kaleidoscopic universe of music, emotions, and stories. Every component of this album is a testament to their dedication to their craft and the bond they share with their fans.

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