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TXT Photocards (Pack of 30)

TXT Photocards (Pack of 30)

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TXT Photocards - Ultimate Pack of 30 for K-Pop Enthusiasts!

Are you a dedicated fan of Tomorrow X Together (TXT), the sensational K-pop group? Get ready to enhance your collection with our exclusive pack of 30 TXT photocards!

Pack Features:

  • Size Details: Each photocard is perfectly sized at 3.462.2 inches (8856 mm), making them ideal for collecting, trading, or displaying.

  • High-Quality Imagery: The front of each photocard boasts an ultra-clear pattern, capturing the members of TXT in stunning clarity and color.

  • Complete Member Collection: This pack includes photos of all the beloved TXT members - SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI, ensuring you have a comprehensive set.

Ideal for Gifts and Personal Collection:

  • Whether you're looking to treat a fellow K-pop fan or expand your own TXT memorabilia, this pack of 30 photocards is a perfect choice. Each card serves as a snapshot of the members, offering a visual journey through their artistic evolution and moments.

Why Choose This Pack?

  • Versatile: Use these cards to personalize your space, scrapbook, or exchange with friends.
  • Memorable: Keep a piece of TXT's legacy with you, and relive your favorite moments through these visuals.
  • Quality Assured: Printed on high-grade paper, ensuring longevity and vibrance.

Add a dash of K-pop to your life with this splendid collection of TXT photocards. Ideal for anyone who admires TXT's music, style, and charisma.

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