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Unicorn Coffee Mug with Biscuit Compartment

Unicorn Coffee Mug with Biscuit Compartment

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🦄 Unicorn Coffee Mug with Biscuit Compartment 🍪☕

The Perfect Morning Partner

Bring magic to your morning routine with our Unicorn Coffee Mug! Adorned with whimsical unicorn designs, this ceramic beauty is both practical and enchanting.

Biscuit Bliss

No more juggling biscuits and mugs! This mug's unique design includes a clever slot to hold your favourite biscuits. Whether you're a dunker or a nibbler, your biscuits have never had a better home. Enjoy your coffee or hot chocolate paired perfectly with a side of biscuit indulgence. Dip, munch, and repeat!

High-Quality Ceramic Craftsmanship

Crafted with love, our mug is made from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and retaining the heat of your drink. With a capacity of 350 millilitres, it provides ample space for your beverage and biscuit of choice.

Gift the Magic

Looking for the perfect gift for a unicorn lover, coffee aficionado, or biscuit enthusiast? This is it! Presented with charm and utility, it’s the ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Indulge in a dreamy combination of magic and practicality. With our Unicorn Coffee Mug with Biscuit Compartment, every sip comes with a sprinkle of enchantment! 🦄🍪🌟

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