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Winner Holiday Digi

Winner Holiday Digi

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WINNER - Holiday (Digipack Version)

WINNER's "Holiday," the fourth mini album by the popular South Korean boy band, is a featured item in our K-Pop sale. Released on July 5, 2022, with the catchy and vibrant "I Love U" as its title track, this album showcases WINNER's unique style and musical growth.

Album Components:

  • Random Cover: The Digipack version comes with a random cover featuring one of the WINNER members: Yoon, Jinu, Mino, or Hoony. This adds an element of surprise for fans purchasing the album.
  • Booklet: Includes a 24-page booklet filled with artistic images and possibly lyrics, providing a deeper insight into the album's concept and the group's creative vision.
  • Folded Poster: A visually appealing poster that complements the album's theme, perfect for display.
  • Random Selfie Photocard: A collectible photocard featuring a selfie of one of the WINNER members. These are highly sought after by fans and are often traded or collected to complete a set.

K-Pop Sale Highlights:

  • "Holiday" by WINNER is part of our special K-Pop sale, offering fans a chance to purchase this album at a great price.
  • The sale includes a diverse selection of K-Pop albums, providing an excellent opportunity for fans to expand their music collections with quality releases.
  • This is a perfect opportunity for fans of WINNER and K-Pop enthusiasts to own a piece of their favorite artists' work at a discounted price.

WINNER's "Holiday" is an album that resonates with fans for its energetic beats, heartfelt lyrics, and the distinctive charm of each member. The inclusion of items like a photobook, poster, and photocards makes it a valuable addition for collectors and fans alike. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy WINNER's "Holiday" and other amazing K-Pop albums at special prices during our sale.

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