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WONHO Bittersweet

WONHO Bittersweet

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WONHO - Bittersweet

"Bittersweet," the second single album by Wonho, is a standout addition to our K-Pop sale. Released on October 14, 2022, with the emotionally resonant "Don't Regret" as its title track, this album showcases Wonho's evolving artistry and depth as a solo artist.

Album Components:

  • Random Cover: The album is available in three different cover versions (1, 2, 3), each with its unique design. A random cover is provided with each purchase, adding an element of surprise for fans.
  • Photobook: An 88-page photobook that likely features Wonho in a variety of thematic shots, capturing the mood and essence of "Bittersweet."
  • Lyrics Paper: This inclusion provides fans with the lyrics to the songs, allowing for a deeper connection to the music and its meaning.
  • Random Photocard: Collectible photocards of Wonho, with different versions available. Fans often collect, trade, or display these as part of their K-Pop memorabilia.
  • Sticker: A creatively designed sticker related to the "Bittersweet" theme.

K-Pop Sale Highlights:

  • "Bittersweet" by Wonho is featured in our K-Pop sale, offering fans an excellent opportunity to acquire this album at a great price.
  • The sale includes a wide range of K-Pop albums and singles, perfect for expanding or starting a K-Pop collection.
  • With discounts on popular albums like "Bittersweet," this is an ideal time for fans to dive deeper into Wonho's music or explore new artists within the genre.

Wonho's "Bittersweet" is more than just a single album; it's a reflection of his journey as a solo artist, showcasing his unique style and musical prowess. This album, especially with its sale price, is a must-have for fans and collectors, offering a blend of heartfelt music and exclusive collectibles. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of Wonho's musical journey and other amazing K-Pop albums at a fraction of the price during our special sale.

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