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Xdinary Heroes Livelock

Xdinary Heroes Livelock

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Xdinary Heroes "Livelock" Photobook Album - Available in Ireland!

Embrace the rhythmic allure of K-Pop with Xdinary Heroes' captivating "Livelock" Photobook Album. An ideal addition for longstanding fans and new K-Pop enthusiasts alike, this edition promises a rich auditory and visual experience.

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Album Specifications:

  • Designs: Random version from 2 exquisite designs.
  • Contents:
    • CD: Featuring Xdinary Heroes' hit tracks.
    • Photobook: A mesmerizing 84 pages.
    • Photocards: Receive 2 random cards from a selection of 12.
    • Credential Card: A surprise card, 1 out of 6 unique designs.
    • Trading Card: Discover 1random card from 6 intriguing options.
    • Lyric Poster: Dive deep into the songs' narratives.
    • Double-Side Extra Photocards Set: A bonus for every dedicated fan!
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