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Younite Youni-Birth

Younite Youni-Birth

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YOUNITE - Youni-Birth

"Youni-Birth," the debut EP by YOUNITE, is an exciting feature in our K-Pop sale. Released on April 20, 2022, it includes "1 of 9" and "Everybody" as its double title tracks, showcasing the group's energetic and versatile musical style.

Album Components:

  • Random Cover: Available in two versions, 'Aurora' and 'Karman,' each offering its unique visual theme. A random cover is provided with each purchase.
  • Photobook: A 64-page photobook filled with high-quality images of YOUNITE members, capturing the essence of the "Youni-Birth" concept.
  • Lyrics Book: A 12-page booklet providing the lyrics to the songs, allowing fans to follow along and connect more deeply with the music.
  • Random Postcard: A collectible postcard featuring one of the YOUNITE members, adding a personalized touch to the album package.
  • Random 1 of 9 Card: A special collectible card, with nine different versions available, each featuring a different member of YOUNITE.
  • Random Photocard: A collectible photocard featuring a YOUNITE member, with various versions to collect and trade.

K-Pop Sale Highlights:

  • "Youni-Birth" by YOUNITE is part of our K-Pop sale, offering fans a chance to purchase this debut EP at a great price.
  • The sale includes a wide range of K-Pop albums and merchandise, perfect for fans looking to expand their collection with quality music and unique collectibles.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for fans of YOUNITE and K-Pop enthusiasts to explore new music and own a piece of K-Pop history at a discounted rate.

YOUNITE's "Youni-Birth" is more than just a debut EP; it's a bold statement of the group's musical capabilities and artistic vision. The inclusion of a photobook, postcards, and photocards makes it a valuable item for collectors and fans alike. With its special sale price, it's a fantastic opportunity to experience YOUNITE's dynamic debut and the vibrant world of K-Pop. Don't miss out on the chance to add "Youni-Birth" and other amazing K-Pop albums to your collection at special prices.

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