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Yves Loop

Yves Loop

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Released June 4 (May ship later)

OUT BOX 217mm x 304mm x 16mm / 1ea
PHOTO BOOK 210mm x 297mm / 50p
ENVELOPED LETTER 152mm x 112mm / 1ea
DISC 118mm x 118mm / 1ea
DISC CASE 120mm x 120mm / 1ea
LOTTERY TICKET 100mm x 100mm / 1ea
STICKER PACK 112mm x 190mm / 1ea / 171mm x 100mm / 1ea
PHOTOCARD (selfie) 55mm x 85mm / Random / 2ea of 5ea
*FOLDED POSTER (First-Press Only) 420mm x 594mm / 1ea

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