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Zerobaseone Youth In The Shade

Zerobaseone Youth In The Shade

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Zerobaseone Youth In The Shade

Step into the enchanting world of Zerobaseone "Youth In The Shade," an album that captures the essence of youth and shade through its captivating melodies. This album offers a unique experience, complete with artistic treasures and collectibles that celebrate the journey of life.

Random Cover (Youth / Shade):

Embrace the element of surprise as you receive either the "Youth" or "Shade" version of the album cover. Each cover represents a different facet of the album's theme, inviting you to explore both the vibrant energy of youth and the contemplative allure of shade.


Immerse yourself in the album's visual storytelling with an artbook that beautifully encapsulates the essence of "Youth In The Shade." The artbook takes you on a visual journey, offering a unique perspective on the album's themes and inspirations.

Selfie Photo Card:

Capture a piece of the album's spirit with a selfie photo card. This collectible allows you to connect with the artists on a personal level, as they share moments of their journey through captivating self-portraits.

Photo Frame Set:

Elevate your album experience with a photo frame set that lets you create your own visual narratives. The photo frame set allows you to showcase your favorite moments from the album and create a personalized display of memories.

Sticker Pack:

Express your creativity and style with a sticker pack that complements the album's themes. The sticker pack offers a range of artistic designs that you can use to embellish your belongings, adding a touch of the album's magic to your daily life.


Enjoy your favorite beverages in style with a coaster that captures the essence of "Youth In The Shade." The coaster not only adds a functional element to your everyday routine but also serves as a reminder of the album's unique journey.

"Youth In The Shade" by Zerobaseone is more than an album—it's a complete experience that invites you to explore the nuances of youth and shade. With its artistic treasures, collectibles, and captivating melodies, this album is a celebration of life's diverse colors and emotions. Whether you choose the "Youth" or "Shade" version, this album promises to be a cherished addition to your music collection.

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