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Enhypen Sadame

Enhypen Sadame

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"Sadame" is a significant release by the seven-member boy band ENHYPEN, marking their first Japanese album. Released as a Limited Edition A in 2022, this album offers a comprehensive collection of Enhypen's musical works, along with several added collectibles that make it a must-have for fans.

Contents of the Album:

Disc 1:

  1. Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)
  2. Blessed-cursed
  3. Make the Change
  4. Tamed-dashed
  5. Drunk-dazed
  6. Given-taken
  7. Always
  8. Let Me In (20 Cube)
  9. Forget Me Not
  10. Polaroid Love

Disc 2:

  1. Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – potentially a different version or a special feature related to the song.
  2. Jacket Making – likely behind-the-scenes content focusing on the making of the album's jacket or cover.

Disc 3:

  1. Sadame (Book A) – a special book that could include lyrics, stories, images, or other exclusive content related to the album.

Additional Collectibles:

  • DVD: Contains exclusive video content, possibly including music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews.
  • Booklet: A booklet that may feature lyrics, photos, and other information about the album.
  • Poster: A decorative poster featuring Enhypen, which could be a collectible item for fans.
  • Trading Card: A unique trading card, likely featuring one of the band members, adding to the album's collectible value.
  • Sticker: A sticker related to the "Sadame" album theme.
  • Photobook: A photobook with high-quality images of the members, showcasing different aspects of the album's concept and the group's visual aesthetic.

"Sadame" represents Enhypen's expanding musical footprint, offering fans a blend of their Korean hits and new material in Japanese. The inclusion of various collectibles like a photobook, trading card, and exclusive DVD content makes this limited edition a valuable item for collectors and a way for fans to connect more deeply with the group's music and image.

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