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Fifty Fifty The Fifty

Fifty Fifty The Fifty

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Fifty Fifty "The Fifty" – A Melodic Odyssey Awaits You

Dive into the enigmatic world of Fifty Fifty with their latest release, "The Fifty." This collection of melodious tracks promises a journey through diverse musical landscapes, now available both online at and, and offline at the revered Zhivago Gifts in Galway, the heart of K-Pop culture in Ireland.

Package Contents:

  • Photobook: Immerse yourself in the visual narrative carefully curated to augment the lyrical experience, guiding you through a photographic journey that mirrors the essence of the album.
  • Lyrics Book: Delve deeper into the poetic genius of Fifty Fifty as you peruse through the lyrics book, offering you a firsthand experience of their lyrical landscape.
  • Photo Card: Adorn your space with a photocard that captures the magnetic charisma of Fifty Fifty, bringing you closer to your favorite artists.
  • PVC Card: A handy PVC card for the true Fifty Fifty enthusiast, offering a tangible connection to the K-Pop universe.


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