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Kiss Of Life Kiss Of Life

Kiss Of Life Kiss Of Life

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Kiss Of Life - Kiss Of Life

"Kiss Of Life," often stylized as KIOF, is the debut release from the South Korean girl group formed by S2 Entertainment. The group, consisting of members Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul, made their entry into the K-pop scene on July 5, 2023, introducing their unique sound and style to the world.

Album Contents:

  • 204-Page Photobook: This extensive photobook is filled with high-quality images of Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul, offering fans a deep dive into the visual world of KIOF.
  • Photo Card: A collectible photo card featuring one of the KIOF members, adding a personal touch for fans collecting memorabilia.
  • Lip Card: An innovative addition, the lip card likely features imprints or designs related to the members' lips, providing a unique collectible unlike any other.
  • Random Cover: The album comes in two versions, with a random cover selection for fans purchasing the album. Whether you receive version 1 or 2, each offers its own unique design and concept art related to the "Kiss Of Life" theme.

Group Highlights:

  • Members: Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul bring together a blend of talents and visuals, making KIOF a group to watch in the competitive K-pop industry.
  • Debut Date: Marking their debut on July 5, 2023, KIOF promises fresh and engaging music, coupled with dynamic performances that reflect the group's vibrant energy and potential.


"Kiss Of Life" by KIOF is more than just an album; it's a comprehensive introduction to a group that's set to leave a mark on the K-pop landscape. With its rich photobook, collectible photo and lip cards, and the choice between two covers, the album is a must-have for fans and collectors alike, offering a glimpse into the group's artistry and the individual charms of Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul. As KIOF embarks on their musical journey, their debut album, "Kiss Of Life," serves as a promising start, inviting fans to join them in celebrating their debut and the many achievements that are sure to follow.

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