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NCT Golden Age (Archiving)

NCT Golden Age (Archiving)

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NCT - Vol.4 Golden Age (Archiving Version)

NCT's fourth volume, "Golden Age," presented in the Archiving Version, is a comprehensive and exciting release for fans of the group. This album not only features an array of new tracks but also comes with a variety of collectible items, each designed to provide a unique and engaging fan experience.

Album Components:

  • Cover: The album features a specially designed cover that resonates with the "Golden Age" theme.
  • Booklet: A substantial 224-page booklet that likely includes photos, lyrics, and other artistic content related to the album.
  • Bookmark: Includes one out of 20 random bookmarks, each featuring different members or themes related to the album.
  • Sticker: One out of four random stickers, adding a creative and collectible element.
  • Yearbook Card: A unique inclusion, with one out of 20 random cards, featuring individual members of NCT.
  • Photocard: A standard in K-pop album releases, this photocard is one out of 20 random cards, each featuring different members of NCT.


  1. Baggy Jeans
  2. Call D
  3. PADO
  4. Interlude: Oasis
  5. The BAT
  6. Alley Oop
  7. That’s Not Fair
  8. Kangaroo
  9. Not Your Fault
  10. Golden Age

Album Highlights:

  • "Golden Age" is set to showcase NCT's diverse musical styles, with tracks ranging from high-energy beats to more introspective tunes.
  • The inclusion of various collectible items like bookmarks, stickers, yearbook cards, and photocards makes this version a treasure for fans and collectors.
  • The substantial booklet offers an in-depth look into the visual world of NCT, complementing the musical experience with a rich array of images and artistic designs.

NCT's "Golden Age" is more than just an album; it's a multi-dimensional experience that combines music with an array of collectible and interactive elements, making it a must-have for fans of the group. This Archiving Version, with its unique inclusions and extensive tracklist, represents a significant addition to NCT's discography and a valuable piece for any K-pop collection.


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