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Snore No More!

Snore No More!

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Are you tired of restless nights due to a snoring partner or a noisy neighbor? Say goodbye to sleepless nights with our Snore No More Extendable Arm!

Enjoy Peaceful Nights:

  • This innovative and extendable novelty boxing glove can help you reclaim your peaceful sleep.
  • With an impressive extension of almost 22 inches, it's the perfect tool to gently nudge or tap the culprit who's disrupting your precious rest.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: H30cm x W12cm x D6cm
  • Extendable Length: Almost 22 inches

How It Works:

Simply reach for your Snore No More Extendable Arm when you encounter snoring or disturbances. Its thoughtful design allows you to gently address the issue without causing harm, making it an effective yet considerate solution.

Get Ready for Tranquil Nights:

Put an end to your sleep woes and enjoy rejuvenating nights once again. The Snore No More Extendable Arm is here to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Don't let snoring or disruptions steal your rest. Invest in better sleep with our Snore No More Extendable Arm today!

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