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SuperM Super One Unit B

SuperM Super One Unit B

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SuperM Super One Unit B

Introducing the captivating world of SuperM "Super One - Unit B Ver., a mesmerizing musical journey brought to life by the harmonious collaboration of BAEKHYUN, MARK, and LUCAS. This version invites you to immerse yourself in an exclusive realm of music and artistry that only SuperM can deliver.

With the mesmerizing "Super One - Unit B Ver.," you'll uncover a collection of exceptional treasures that encapsulate the essence of SuperM's unique energy:

1. **Cover**: Step into the world of BAEKHYUN, MARK, and LUCAS with a specially designed cover that captures the essence of their unit. This version is a testament to their synergy and artistic brilliance.

2. **Booklet**: Delve deep into the heart of their music with a 104-page booklet that offers insights into the creative process, capturing the essence of SuperM's artistic vision and unity.

3. **CD-R Booklet**: Immerse yourself in the musical magic with the blue-themed CD-R booklet that encapsulates the essence of the Unit B Ver., offering 16 pages of immersive visual storytelling.

4. **ID Card (US version)**: For lucky owners of the US version, a random ID card awaits, offering an exclusive connection to the members. Uncover your unique connection to the SuperM universe with one of seven ID cards.

5. **ID Card Holder (US version)**: Keep your connection close to your heart with the blue-themed ID card holder, a functional and stylish accessory.

6. **Postcard**: Experience the diversity of SuperM's talents with a random postcard, showcasing either the group or individual members. With nine options available, each postcard is a visual treasure.

7. **Folded Poster**: Adorn your space with the captivating Unit B Ver. as a folded poster, a piece of art that celebrates BAEKHYUN, MARK, and LUCAS in their dynamic glory.

8. **Photo Card**: This edition comes with not one but two photo cards. Revel in the excitement of randomly receiving one of nine options, including two group and seven member cards. The Unit B Ver. offers a unique photo card that truly resonates with this version.

SuperM's "Super One - Unit B Ver." is more than an album—it's a carefully curated experience that brings you closer to the essence of these remarkable artists. With its captivating visuals, exclusive collectibles, and the extraordinary talents of BAEKHYUN, MARK, and LUCAS, this version is a must-have addition to your SuperM collection.

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