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The Boyz Be Awake

The Boyz Be Awake

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The Boyz Be Awake

Immerse yourself in the creative world of The Boyz with their dynamic release, "Be Awake". This album is an artistic expression of the group, with each version—Reach, Realize, Reason—offering a unique visual and thematic experience. It's a blend of music, art, and personality that reflects the diversity and depth of The Boyz.

🎨 Album Versions:

  • Random Cover: Fans will receive one of the three beautifully designed covers at random: Reach, Realize, or Reason, each offering a different aesthetic aligned with the album's themes.

📘 Photobook (72 pages):

  • A generously sized 72-page photobook is included, featuring artistic shots of the members. It’s a visual story that accompanies the album’s narrative.

📝 Lyrics Book:

  • Dive into the poetry and messages behind The Boyz's songs with a dedicated lyrics book.

🤳 Selfie Photocard:

  • Find a selfie photocard inside, with a randomized member's picture. It's a personal touch from the artist to the fan, making each album unique.

🖼️ Poster:

  • Decorate your space with an exclusive poster of The Boyz, which captures the essence of the "Be Awake" concept.

📸 Photo:

  • Enjoy an additional photo of the group or a member, adding another visual element to cherish.

The Boyz's "Be Awake" is more than an album; it’s a multi-sensory experience that allows fans to connect with the music on a deeper level. The inclusion of a photobook, lyrics, and personalized photocards creates a multifaceted artistic expression. It’s a collector’s item that brings fans closer to the music and the musicians behind it, solidifying the bond between The Boyz and their dedicated following. Whether for the aesthetics, the music, or the collectible merchandise, "Be Awake" is a testament to The Boyz's creative vision and their commitment to delivering memorable experiences to fans.

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