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UEFA Champions League Aluminium Drinks Bottle XL

UEFA Champions League Aluminium Drinks Bottle XL

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UEFA Champions League Aluminium Drinks Bottle XL: Hydration for the Football Elite

Embrace the Spirit of Europe's Premier Club Competition

Sip in Style with Champions League Flair
The UEFA Champions League Aluminium Drinks Bottle XL is a top-choice for football enthusiasts who appreciate the prestige of Europe's foremost club tournament. Featuring a vibrant fade design, the UEFA crest, and the inspiring 'Best Of The Best' text, this bottle is not just a hydration accessory but a symbol of footballing excellence.

Bottle Features

  • Robust Aluminium Construction: Made from durable aluminium, perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.
  • Striking Design: The bottle showcases a vivid fade design, adorned with the UEFA crest and 'Best Of The Best' text in white, reflecting the glory of the Champions League.
  • Convenient Quench Cap: Comes with a canteen quench cap featuring a closable drinking spout for easy and leak-free sipping.
  • Officially Licensed Product: A genuine and high-quality item, making it a must-have for fans of European football.

Perfect For

  • Champions League Aficionados: Ideal for those who follow the thrilling journey of Europe's top football clubs.
  • Active and Sporty Lifestyles: Great for sports enthusiasts who need a reliable bottle for the gym, runs, or match-day outings.
  • Football Memorabilia Collectors: A superb addition to any collection of football-related items.


  • Capacity: Approximately 750ml (25oz), ensuring you stay well-hydrated.
  • Dimensions: About 26cm in height and 7cm in diameter, a practical size for carrying around.
  • Weight: Weighing 152g, it's light enough for easy portability without compromising on quality.

Stay Hydrated with the Spirit of the Champions League

  • Get Yours Now: The UEFA Champions League Aluminium Drinks Bottle XL is available at A superb way to show your passion for the pinnacle of club football.
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